Ryan Sipes wins his first GNCC race


p: Ken Hill

A long time coming, Dragon’s motocross rider Ryan Sipes has won his first GNCC Overall in the XC1 class, at Mountaineer Run in West Virginia. “After four years of trying and to finally get here, this feels amazing,” wrote Ryan Sipes on his site about the win. ” I’m really proud of this one because it did not come easy and I’ve worked my tail off to learn off-road racing.”

The former Supercross and Motocross competitor has been cutting his cross country and off-road teeth on the GNCC and Full Gas Enduro circuits this year, with some solid success. “I’ve now won a Pro Supercross, ISDE, a National Enduro, and a GNCC,” Sipes said. “[It] feels good to check that last box.”

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p: Ken HIll

Vacation Club drops wild Griffin Colapinto edit

The guys over at Vacation Club just dropped an edit from one of California’s brightest, Griffin Colapinto, from some time spent in his native state dubbed Hole In The Sky. Without further ado, we’ll let the surfing do the talking.

Video : Jacob Vanderwork
Edit : David Malcolm
Song : ‘Bulbform’ by TR/ST


Ace Buchan earns finals berth at the WSL Test event at KS Wave Co

While there hasn’t been a ton of information, we do know that our “Ace” surfer Adrian Buchan made the superfinal at the WSL Test event in Lenmoore, held at Kelly Slater’s new and improved wave pool. The event was held just after the Hurley Pro at Lowers, and a handful of the world’s best men and women headed to the desert to see Kelly’s latest waves.

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Needless to say, the footage is incredible, and a huge step forward for manmade waves. It also potentially opens up Pandora’s Box, but for the time being, enjoy the footage. Ace made the superfinal which also included event winner Gabriel Medina and Hurley Pro winner Filipe Toledo. Not a bad way to leave California. The next stop for Ace and the rest of the Championship Tour is France for the Quiksilver Pro.

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Lucas Wachs talks Volcano Voyage


Normally summers are reserved for relaxation: some book time, summer office hours, and maybe a hike up to the lake. Well our big mountain badass Lucas Wachs spent a good chunk of his climbing, sometimes summiting, and skiing volcanoes in the Pacific Northwest. We chatted with Lucas about this aptly named Volcano Voyage, but you’ll want to take a look at his incredible 12-minute mini-movie

Dragon: What is Volcano Voyage? Give us the elevator pitch.
Lucas Wachs: Volcano Voyage is a visual representation of hiking and skiing in the Cascade’s volcanoes. I have always wanted to get out climb and ski the volcanoes of the my home state of Oregon.

DR: What was the idea behind it? What were the ultimate goals?
LW: The idea behind it was to climb and ski as many volcanoes as we could. The ultimate goal was to see how many we could do and to just experience something different than the annual Mt. Hood park skiing migration. We wanted to switch up the program and dip our toes into some mountaineering.

DR: How many volcanoes did you end up summiting and skiing?
LW: We ended up skiing 10 volcanoes. Not every volcano was summited.

DR: What was the feeling when you finished? I’m sure it’s easy to get lost in the grind of climbing and skiing these mountains.
LW: A feeling of general fulfillment in the mind and body was certainly common. Our crew was always on point so it made it easy on the grind up. When climbing a mountain you are very present and mindful of your surroundings, making sure each step counts and working together with the group to make smart decisions. That camaraderie in itself is a very fulfilling feeling as well as being in such beautiful locations.

DR: Which one or ones were your favorite and why?
LW: Mt. Jefferson. Because my father was the guide on the trip and I got to spend some quality time with the pops, which we haven’t been able to do often enough over the past couple years. We camped out for three days and soaked in the beautiful wilderness that Mt. Jefferson has to offer. We got great weather to accommodate the steep and rugged terrain, too, so that was a major bonus. It was a super fun trip!

DR: On the Vimeo it says it took you about 2 months. Was that straight through or more weekend warrior style?
LW: It was from the end of May ’til the beginning of July… a little over a month. We were doing it in somewhat the weekend warrior style to cooperate with peoples’ work schedules and also trying to time it to get the best weather.

DR: Does there have to be heavy snowfall the preceding winter to allow you to do a project like this? And does it mean you kind of had to go when it was accessible?
LW: Not necessarily, it definitely helps with the approaches to some mountains easier as well as the skiing itself. The PNW is known for a gracious amount of snowfall each year, so these peaks are filled in at high elevations, it’s just a matter of freezing levels.

DR: What are some of the dangers? We know that traditional backcountry has avalanche danger, but were there other dangers like crevasses or exposure that you were worried about?
LW: The dangers are different than in the winter but there definitely is risk involved. It comes in the forms of rock,s and yes, crevasses opening up, and possible wet slides. The avy danger is definitely mellower due to the somewhat regular freeze and thaw cycles. You want to wear a helmet for sure to keep your head safe from rock and icefall. Early morning starts are a must to mitigate the risk of rock, icefall and wet slides. Exposure is a thing as well, make every step count!

DR: How were the conditions skiing overall? Looked like a combo of crust and slush…
LW: The conditions where slushy and yeah, some crust at times. If your timing was on point then the corn was usually phenomenal. Fast, carvy, and soft. Just a smooth ride when everything lines up!


DR: Can you give a little backstory on the jumping at Mt. Jefferson? It’s a departure from the rest of the traditional hiking/skiing that happens on all the other mins.
LW: That was actually in the Three Sisters wilderness. [laughs] I should have clarified the location there. These volcanoes have excellent jump spots and many times you walk by them on your way to the objective, but we wanted to take the time to stop, build, and session.

DR: Now that your big summer project is over, what’s up for the fall? Anything you’d like to plug?
LW: I’m going to be hanging in Bend, OR. Doing some mountain biking and skateboarding until the snow starts flying, then back on the grind filming with Good Company for the next movie!

DR: Any big projects/plans this upcoming winter? Or just going to go powder chasing?
LW: There are some plans that are in the works for sure. Nothing finalized yet, so I can’t really say anything, but keep your eyes peeled! Powder chasing will definitely be on the agenda, too.

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Explore Lucas Wachs’s Volcano Voyage

Our big mountain aficianado Lucas Wachs is on the forefront of exploratory big mountain skiing and adventuring. For his latest effort—Volcano Voyage—Lucas and friends set out to climb and ski a number of the volcanoes on the US side of the Pacific Rim. What he and his friends came out the other side with is nothing short of astonishing. Watch now.

From Lucas:
“From the end of May to the beginning of June, my friends and I set forth to take the time to ski, and explore the volcanoes in [Oregon] and neighboring states. It was a time that was very well spent with friends in the mountains. Who do you bring on an adventure like this? None other than your buds who help bring you to the top of the mountain and smell your rotten feet at the end of the day (jt’s okay, you are smelling their feet, too). This voyage is one that is made by many each spring to reach the top of these eroding crumbly mountain tops. For reasons that I suggest you go and find out for yourself, for each time you get out and spend time on these mountains it gives a chance to tap in to the beauty of the world along with yourself and your partners. I hope that this voyage of ours can inspire to sculpt one of your own.”

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Dragon Proudly Announces Lumalens® Expansion


San Clemente, CA (September 18, 2017) —Dragon is proud to announce the expansion of its Lumalens® proprietary color optimized technology into the entire line of goggles and into a considerable spectrum of colors. Starting Fall 2017, 11 distinct lenses will utilize Lumalens® technology, spanning every model from the premium X2 to the youth Lil D goggle.

The expanded Lumalens® line covers an expansive VLT range of 10-percent to 80-precent, and is available throughout 11 unique colored tints. Despite the increased utilization of Lumalens® technology, there is no price increase to consumers, delivering the highest quality and superior performing lenses for the same price as prior seasons.

Dragon’s Lumalens® technology has been engineered to filter and optimize incoming light waves, providing all-day comfort for your eyes and consistently crisp, clear optics. Each Lumalens® tint is specifically tuned for its environment thereby delivering superior color recognition, increased contrast and clarity, enhanced depth perception—and by filtering out light waves attributed to haze and glare—reduced eye fatigue.

In addition to Lumalens® filtering technology, Dragon’s snow goggle products lead the market in innovation with features such as: Patented Frameless design, Swiftlock quick lens changing system, armored venting, 100-percent UV protection, 200-percent stronger Super Anti-Fog coating, and universal helmet compatibility.

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 3.15.24 PM

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Ace Buchan surfs to 3rd place at the Hurley Pro at Trestles

Ace Buchan

p: Miller / Moran

After a slow and langorous start to the to Hurley Pro at Trestles, the 8th stop of the World Surf League Championship Tour, the end of the week heated up quickly, with Dragon’s Adrian “Ace” Buchan putting down a 3rd place performance.

The Australian goofy footer stumbled out of the gate in round 1, ending up 3rd in his heat, luckily he would rebound in round 2 to take the win over Stu Kennedy. In the make-or-break round 3, Ace torched Wiggolly Dantas en route to a Round 4 berth. Failing to win his heat, Ace again rebounded quickly with a Round 5 win over Jadson Andre to set up a quarterfinal berth with former world champion Adriano De Souza. After narrowly edging De Souza out, Ace ran into Jeep Tour Leader and eventual runner up, Jordy Smith.

The 3rd place—Ace’s best since a 2nd place finish at the Oi Rio Pro in Brazil—sees Buchan vault up the rankings into a respectable 12th place, distancing himself from relegation.

The rest of Dragon’s surfers—Mick Fanning, Evan Geiselman, & Owen Wright—finished  13th, 13th and 25th, respectively. The World Tour heads to France next for the Quiksilver Pro. For more on the WSL Championship Tour, visit worldsurfleague.com.

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Frame of Mind: Luke Hynd

With an innate and undeniable natural ability in the water and on the surfboard, Luke Hynd spends his days playing in some of the most exotic and wonderful aquatic playgrounds. But his never-ending quest for waves comes at a price: Travel woes, reaching new levels of exhaustion, and the minutiae that comes with traveling with a stack of surfboards. Luke’s life on the road is an enigmatic and envious one. Take a ride through Luke’s headspace; take a peek at his Frame of Mind.

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