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No Snow? No problem for the No Names Crew

No snow? No problem. The No Names Crew was hyped to head to Lynchburg, VA to the Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre for a signature session at the Next Level Snowboarding camp. They might not have had any snow, but the good times were rolling, the pizza was flowing, the shots were stacking and the rest of the accoutrements of a snowboard camp were on hand. Check out the action above.

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rider: Kevin Hoff photo: Sam Miller

rider: Kevin Hoff photo: Sam Miller

Leanne Pelosi featured on Miss Bish

Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 9.53.49 AM

There isn’t much that Leanne Pelosi hasn’t accomplished in the snowboarding world. The envelope-pushing snowboarder has been at the forefront of her sport and its female movement for years. Recently she was featured on Miss Bish for all of her accomplishments and how she continues to push the sport.

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Lick the Cat x High Cascade session live

Recently, the Lick The Cat crew invaded Mt. Hood, OR for a signature session at High Cascade Snowboard Camp. Dragon snowboarders Blake Paul and Spencer Schubert were on hand to contribute to the madness that went down and partake in the summertime scene. Watch and enjoy.

Blake Paul p: Bob Plumb

Dragon’s #WeAreFrameless Tour 2015 | Utah Video

The #WeAreFrameless Tour is back for the final chapter and is set to go out with a bang. The crew has assembled with a nod to humble beginnings in Salt Lake City, UT. Brighton Resort and the Bone Zone, snowboarding’s premier pre-season destination, did not disappoint. Sit back and prepare yourself for that special brand of snowboarding only the Mocha Boys can bring you.
Over the course of the next month the #WeAreFrameless Tour will travel from Utah to the Northwest with three stops and four edits along the way. Be sure to follow @dragonalliance to stay up to date on the most recent Tour action!

Blake Paul Spencer Schubert Tommy Gesme Mark Wilson Dillon Ojo Frank April
Filmed By:
Colton Feldman Rodrick AF Snipe
Edited By:
Colton Feldman
Huge Thanks To:
Brighton Resort
Jared Winkler
Mary Walsh
Mike Yoshida
Pat Bridges
Paul Hickey
Indoor Sports Courts
Snowboarder Mag
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Danny Davis Has Changed The Way We Look At Style

When Tom Sims threw the first halfpipe contest way back when at Soda Springs, California it was an overt rejection of the conformity and confines of racing. Three decades later, what was at one time the ultimate platform for creativity, the halfpipe arena had been subjugated by rule books, judges’ guidelines and a stifling track of linear progression to become mundane and predictable. Then Danny Davis re-emerged in 2014 to bitch slap the “dude tube” status quo by combining ample amounts of style with amplitude. Despite an untimely indiscretion curtailing his trip to Vancouver in 2010 and another accident sending him to the sidelines a few seasons back, Danny dug deep and surprised all by putting his underdog determination and steadfast resolve to return on his own terms on full display for all to see during the Sochi Olympic qualifiers. Rather than taking the obvious route of back-to-back (i.e. boring-to-boring) double corks, Danny brought the halfpipe world forward by going backwards. “Last season, Danny showed the world that he’s the master of the halfpipe,” states 7-time X Games medalist Andreas Wiig. “Danny’s switch methods in the Olympic qualifiers were legendary.”

03_Blatt_Danny-3776Salt Lake Olympic gold medalist Ross Powers agrees. “What a comeback. Danny put down some of the sickest pipe runs ever done and made the Olympic team because of it!” As this accolade goes to pixel, Danny’s iconoclastic approach to transition has again been justified with a repeat gold medal performance at the 2015 X Games, yet this result isn’t the product of a single trick like the switch method. If it were, Danny’s regimen would be as predictable as those whose spin to win, style-less routines he was rebelling against. Rather, Danny’s take on trickery continues to change from hit to hit and run to run, bringing spontaneity back to big time contests and ensuring that the only thing you can count on is Danny continuing to keep it fresh and continuing to keep it real!

#WeAreFrameless World Tour – Greatest Hits

They say goodbye is the hardest part. They say that all good things must come to end. We say that the best is yet to come! From Austria to Oregon, this has been one adventure we won’t soon forget. So sit back and enjoy as this final installment of the #WeAreFrameless World Tour gets you stoked for the boarding ahead. Winter’s greatest hits are yet to come!
Over the course of this past month the #WeAreFrameless Tour traveled from Austria to Oregon with four stops and five edits along the way. Be sure to follow @dragonalliance to stay up to date on the latest Dragon happenings and to follow us all winter long!

Riders: Forest Bailey, Danny Davis, Gig Ruf, Blake Paul, Spencer Schubert, Tommy Gesme, Alex Yoder, Mark Wilson, Dillon Ojo, Jordan Small, Will Smith

Dragon Launches #WeAreFrameless

TJ Schiller #WeAreFrameless Photo: Mason Machon

TJ Schiller #WeAreFrameless Photo: Mason Machon

No rider is bound to follow the crowd. No longer must we be defined by lift lines, overpriced tickets and $15 lodge hamburgers. We skin into the backcountry, roam the streets with halogens and generators, and approach the mountains with an eye for creativity.  Dragon’s infinity lens technology cuts through the propaganda and allows us to see what really matters; that we are not bound by traditional frames of mind. We are frameless.

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Dragon Sweeps Hot Dawgz & Handrails

Dragon Team Riders Tommy Gesme (1st), Dillon Ojo (2nd) and Jordan Small (3rd)

Dragon Team Riders Tommy Gesme (1st), Dillon Ojo (2nd) and Jordan Small (3rd)

Southern California is one of the hottest spots on the west coast, obviously making it the perfect destination for the snowboarding season’s debut event “Hot Dawgz & Handrails”. This rail jam is as unconventional as it’s location, bringing in the world’s top urban snowboarders for a display of jib trickery and mayhem on over 40 tons of man made snow.

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