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Watch Nate Adams in a GoPro Kind of Day

The folks over at GoPro have released a killer video of FMX rider Nate Adams, following him throughout a day riding his bike. The Dragon athlete showcases signature tricks and moves that show why he’s a 19-time X Games medalist and legend of the sport.

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Zach Osborne grabs 2nd overall in at MX of Nations in England

p: Shepherd

p: Shepherd

The 71st running of the storied Motocross of Nations (MXoN) ran this past weekend, with Dragon’s Zach Osborne representing—and captaining—Team USA. Hot on the heels of his second consecutive Championship win in August, Zach was in peak form and performed the best of the underperforming US team. Osborne ended up taking 2nd overall in the MX2 category at Matterley Basin, ENG, with a podium performance in his second Moto.

“Overall [I’m] happy. It was a great experience,” Zach told RacerX’s Open Mic. “It was tough conditions for anyone today. It’s something we don’t see a lot in America. I hope to have the chance to come back again and get a little revenge. I think [sic] personally I rode well. In the second moto today I felt like I rode really, really good. Yesterday I felt like I rode really well also. It’s a tough race to win. It was going to be tough from the get-go for us period. So, it’s a bit disappointing but at the same time we can’t be too bummed.”

Osborne finished with a 10-3 stat line on the weekend, and while it pales in comparison to his 2017 results, he can walk away with his head held high. “All in all a great experience and I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to be here and ride for Team USA,” Osborne put.

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Ryan Sipes wins his first GNCC race


p: Ken Hill

A long time coming, Dragon’s motocross rider Ryan Sipes has won his first GNCC Overall in the XC1 class, at Mountaineer Run in West Virginia. “After four years of trying and to finally get here, this feels amazing,” wrote Ryan Sipes on his site about the win. ” I’m really proud of this one because it did not come easy and I’ve worked my tail off to learn off-road racing.”

The former Supercross and Motocross competitor has been cutting his cross country and off-road teeth on the GNCC and Full Gas Enduro circuits this year, with some solid success. “I’ve now won a Pro Supercross, ISDE, a National Enduro, and a GNCC,” Sipes said. “[It] feels good to check that last box.”

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p: Ken HIll

Zach Osborne lands on cover of Cycle News

Fresh off his title clinching performance at Budds Creek, Zach Osborne finds himself on the cover of the latest Cycle News. Hopefully he keeps the momentum going into the last race of the year at Ironman and into MXoN.

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Zach Osborne wins 2017 AMA Pro Motocross Championship

Budds CreekMX17-Cudby-Shepherd2153 (1)

It’s been a long time coming, but Zach Osborne is finally a AMA Pro Motocross Champion. The young Virginia-native capped off an impressive Outdoor National season to capture the 250 title at the Budds Creek MX in Maryland. Osborne finished the day with an 8-1 stat line to capture 2nd overall on the day and mathematically lock up the Championship a race early.

“I’m one grateful kid right now,” Osborne succinctly summed up. “When I passed the mechanics area on the last lap and I saw all my people cheering… I got chills and it kind of all hit me.”

“I can’t say enough about Zach and what he’s accomplished this season,” continued Kenny Adams, Dragon’s Motorsports Marketing Manager. “Week in, week out, he’s worked his tail off to get to this point. We knew he had the heart of a Champion, and now it’s confirmed.”

With high hopes coming into the weekend, Zach’s last stop on the way to the title didn’t come as smoothly as he and his team would have hoped. The Dragon rider started the day off with a crash at the start of Moto 1, putting him at the back of the pack while rival Jeremy Martin was out in front. Zach managed to stop the bleeding and make his way back to 8th place, but had his work cut out for him in Moto 2, with a four-point buffer left to lock up the title in Maryland.

“It was tough, I was pretty distraught after that first Moto,” Zach said. “Coming in today at a track I’m comfortable with and getting 8th in the first Moto… I had my back against the wall.” The Rockstar-Husqvarna Factory rider made some adjustments and got a decent start in Moto 2 (3rd place) and put the hammer down. “It’s kind of the way of my season has gone. I’ve been down in the first turn more than once and so it was kind of fitting.” And despite a smoking clutch halfway through the race, Zach did what he’s done all year, and finished ahead of the entire pack. His results allowed him to take another overall podium, his 10th out of 11 races this season.

The site of the Championship holds a special place for Osborne. In 2016 it was the site of his first Overall MX win. And a decade ago it was the site of his infamous “Snack Pack” race where a rookie Osborne led most of the Budds Creek race before fading to 18th in dramatic fashion.

“It means a lot,” Osborne said of winning in Budds Creek. “It’s an awesome town here, and I’m in front of a lot of friends and family. It’s the same thing as my first win last year. It’s ironic and it’s fitting for the path of my career to wrap it up here at a track I love.”

Budds CreekMX17-Cudby-Shepherd0182 copy

Coming off the thrilling come-from-behind victory to clinch the 2017 Supercross title, Zach set the tone from the get go. Starting the season off with two overall wins in California at Hangtown and Glen Helen, the Rockstar-Husky rider took ahold of the red plate, and never relented. Despite a slight stumble at Thunder Valley, Osborne regained his stranglehold on the lead with a pair of 2nd place finishes at High Point and Muddy Creek, which he immediately followed up with two wins at Red Bud and Southwick. And while his competitors had up-and-down performances weekend to weekend, Zach continued the barrage of results with four more consecutive podiums at Spring Valley, Washougal, Unadilla and this weekend’s Budds Creek.

“I can’t say enough about Rockstar Energy-Husqvarna Racing,” Osborne noted. “They’ve stood behind me from day one and are still behind me today. Aldon [Baker],  Jason [Anderson], Marvin [Musquin], and Ryan [Dungey]… can’t thank them enough,” he continued about his move to train at Baker’s Factory in Florida nearly a year ago.

This marks the 2nd Championship Title in Outdoor Nationals for Husqvarna, and the first in the 250cc class. While the celebration has begun in the Osborne camp, the 2017 season isn’t over as the tour has one more stop at Ironman MX outside of Indianapolis, IN. Once the MX season wraps up, Zach will be headed to the United Kingdom to captain Team USA at the MX of Nations event.

“I’m here 11 years [after] the moto that everyone knows, and to sit here and be a champion… don’t ever give up on what you believe in.”

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Osborne and Davalos hit the podium in Unadilla

Martin Davalos p: Kardas/RacerX

In what was a muddy and rainy affair in upstate New York, the Dragon motocross riders took home a pair of podium performances as the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Outdoor Nationals took to the Unadilla MX track. 250cc points leader Zach Osborne had an uneven day but finished the day in 3rd place overall and didn’t bleed too many points. 450cc rider Martin Davalos took home his second consecutive podium, managing a 2nd place result.

A bad start and uneven race would have doomed anyone else, but Osborne put his head down and finished in 3rd place in Moto 1. “The first Moto I just couldn’t get into a rhythm,” said Osborne. “I just struggled for rhythm, I had a really good last two laps to get third, that kind of salvaged the Moto.”

Bad starts continued to plague Zach in the second Moto, as well. “Second Moto I just didn’t get a good start but I was able to make it up to fifth.”

While there aren’t any championship stakes for Martin Davalos at this point in the season, a podium finish is still a podium finish, taking 2nd overall with an 8-2 stat line. “I think I kind of was overriding a little bit, but none of us took a parade lap so we all were taking a lot of chances,” said Davalos. “I made a lot of mistakes and got behind [leader Marvin Musquin] and I did my best to keep him close, but I also did my best to not let the guys behind catch me. It was an awesome moto.”

Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 7.34.22 AM

Osborne lost 11 points in the title chase, but remains 63 points up on 2nd place Jeremy Martin, with a chance to lock up the 250cc Championship at Budds Creek, MD next weekend. Martin has climbed to 6th overall on the 450cc points list. Next week we see the circuit head to Maryland for the penultimate race of the season.

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Davalos takes first podium, Osborne increases lead

untitled 1

Another Saturday, another banner weekend for the Dragon Motorsports racing machine, as the AMA Outdoor series moved to Washougal in Washington. In the 250cc class, Zach Osborne managed another overall podium finish (2nd) and increased his overall points lead over an inactive Alex Martin. And in the 450cc class, Martin Davalos grabbed his first overall podium since making the jump up to the big bikes.

“Better late than never, you know?” Davalos said in the post-race of his victory. “There’s a lot for me to learn, [but it’s] a great feeling for me to be here battling the best.”

This being his first season in the 450 class, Martin admits that it’s been a learning process, but he’s steadily been making progress, culminating in 4th and 3rd place at the last two races, respectively. “It’s been a long time in the 250 class and I’ve wanted to hop to the 450, for, I can’t even tell you how long. So Rockstar Energy Husqvarna got a bike together for me. I know I’m capable of riding that bike well. The more I’m getting used to the bike, I’m adjusting a lot better.”

On the 250 side of things, Zach Osborne continues his dominating run to a second straight title. His 2nd place overall, and how he got there Saturday, might not be the most impressive, but they don’t ask how, they just ask how many. After a poor start and an early crash, Zach put the hammer down and finished in 4th place.

“I went deep in that first Moto, I was throwing up after,” Osborne explained of his effort. “It was a big effort; a huge effort. I knew I’d miss a little bit of pep for the second race. Overall after falling in the first Moto and still getting on the podium, I’m happy with it.”

r: Zach Osborne p: Shepherd / RaxerX

Osborne overcame another sub-par start to take 3rd place in Moto 1, as he increased his championship lead to 74 points over Jeremy Martin, with three races left on the season. When asked about the idea of him holding back for Championships purposes, “I’m just not that kind of rider,” he said. “Yeah, maybe in two more rounds if it stays the way it is I can do that. But today I just want to keep charging and maximize my points every race. I want to continue to go hard.”

Even with Dragon’s main 450 rider Jason Anderson and 250 rookie Michael Mosiman out due to injury, Dragon has been on a roll, managing an overall podium at every single race this Outdoor National season.

“I’m grateful I have a job and competing with the best in the world,” said Martin. “To come from Ecuador, such a small country, to this is such a blessing. The opportunity the team is giving me, it’s amazing.”

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Zach Osborne salvages 3rd place finish at MillVille

Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 10.09.01 AM copy

After a weekend off from racing, the AMA Pro Motocross Outdoor Nationals were back, this time in Minnesota at the Spring Valley MX track. After an eventful first Moto, Dragon’s Zach Osborne managed to win Moto 2 and take 3rd overall on the day. After what could have been a disastrous drop in the Championship points, Zach successfully triaged the day only losing two points in the overall race to challenger Alex Martin.

Nearing the end of Moto 1, Zach snagged his what looked to be his radiator hose on a rut with six minutes to go. With some smart racing and a bunch of steam coming off is bike, Zach finished in 8th. “I was pretty nervous,” Osborne told post race. “I thought at first it was a radiator hose, but we found out after the Moto it was a gasket on the valve cover, and it was oil. I was just praying we could make it to the end and salvage some points. I tried not to rev the bike and try to let it stay as cool as possible. When we looked at it after the moto, it actually had more oil left in it so we were actually good.”

Determined to not lose too many points in Moto 2, Zach did what he did all year and dropped the rest of the field 10 laps in. With some creative lines and championship mettle, Zach managed to win the Moto 1, take 3rd overall, and only lose two points to Alex Martin. “A little bit [surprised] yeah,” said Osborne. “I had some good lines, I dropped the hammer and felt good. I found some lines where I could find a little bit of extra speed.”

Zach was the bright stop for Dragon this weekend, as Jason Anderson still is battling injuries and rookie Michael Mosiman is out the rest of the season. Martin Davalos managed a 4th place in Moto 2, for a 7th overall finish, still looking for his first podium of the season.

Next weekend the circuit is in Washington at Washougal MX. Zach will continue his title hunt while Jason Anderson looks to get back on the horse. For more on points, results and races, visit RacerX.com. For more from the Dragon riders, follow them on Instagram: Jason Anderson // Zach Osborne // Michael Mosiman // Martin Davalos.

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Dragon FMX cleans up at Summer X Games


Minneapolis, MN — This past weekend marked the annual action sports rite of passage—ESPN’s Summer X Games—in Minneapolis, MN at US Bank Stadium. Dragon was represented in the FMX disciplines by Josh Sheehan, Nate Adams and Destin Cantrell. Cantrell, a California-native, won the gold medal in the Best Whip event while Australia’s Josh Sheehan earned a silver medal in the Freestyle contest.

On Friday night, Sheehan took to the Freestyle course, and when the dust had settled, managed a silver medal performance. This marks the sixth medal for the Donnybrook-native, his second in the Freestyle category. He previously took gold in 2016 at Summer X Games in Austin, TX. Even more remarkable than the medal was the fact that Josh landed a brand new trick during the contest, a Downward 360 Seat Grab.

“[I] hadn’t done this trick before this week,” Sheehan noted afterward. He continued, “I was hoping to have done it a little bigger, but it’s a lot easier landing in a big foam pit—it’s much scarier coming in sideways towards the dirt,” he remarked.

Destin Cantrell, competing in his first career X Games, put on a show in prime time Saturday. At what is one of the most exciting events of the weekend—the Navy Best Whip—Cantrell walked away with gold. Best Whip is voted on by the fans, which Cantrell took home a lion share of, earning 44-percent, besting second place who had 25-percent.

Destin remarked on Instagram, “Unreal! Starting FMX at a young age I always wanted to compete at [X Games] and never gave up on that dream. Last night my dream came true at my first [X Games] appearance and I owe this gold medal to my insanely loyal fans, sponsors, and family. I can’t thank all of you enough for backing me… THANK YOU EVERYONE!”

This was the first year that Summer X Games were held at the US Bank Stadium. For more from Summer X, visit the event site here.

To watch Cantrell’s final whip, view it here on the Dragon Blog. To watch Sheehan’s silver medal performance, head over here. For more on Dragon’s premium Motocross products, check them out at dragonalliance.com.

Dragon Motorsports head to X Games

As the annual summer action sports rite of passage comes closer—Summer X Games—the Dragon FMX riders prepare to compete. Held for the first time in Minneapolis, MN—at the brand new US Bank Stadium—let’s break down who and what and how to watch.

The ageless Nate Adams will be making his return to Summer X after a brief hiatus. He’ll be competing in the Best Whip competition for the first time. Joining him will be X Games rookie Destin Cantrell, who won his spot into the Best Whip contest via the Monster Energy Cup last fall.

Australian Josh Sheehan will be pulling double duty, competing in the Freestyle and Best Trick. Sheehan is fresh off a pair of 2nd place finishes at the Red Bull X-Fighters in Madrid, Spain and the Nitro Circus World Games in Salt Lake City, UT.

For the Dragon FMX riders the action begins Friday July 14th. The MotoX Freestyle starts at 9:00 PM EST on ESPN. And then on Saturday the 15th, Best Whip and Best Trick start in the 7:00 PM EST block on ESPN. And all events are streaming on ESPN3.com for those who have access to that.