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Dragon Proudly Announces Lumalens® Expansion


San Clemente, CA (September 18, 2017) —Dragon is proud to announce the expansion of its Lumalens® proprietary color optimized technology into the entire line of goggles and into a considerable spectrum of colors. Starting Fall 2017, 11 distinct lenses will utilize Lumalens® technology, spanning every model from the premium X2 to the youth Lil D goggle.

The expanded Lumalens® line covers an expansive VLT range of 10-percent to 80-precent, and is available throughout 11 unique colored tints. Despite the increased utilization of Lumalens® technology, there is no price increase to consumers, delivering the highest quality and superior performing lenses for the same price as prior seasons.

Dragon’s Lumalens® technology has been engineered to filter and optimize incoming light waves, providing all-day comfort for your eyes and consistently crisp, clear optics. Each Lumalens® tint is specifically tuned for its environment thereby delivering superior color recognition, increased contrast and clarity, enhanced depth perception—and by filtering out light waves attributed to haze and glare—reduced eye fatigue.

In addition to Lumalens® filtering technology, Dragon’s snow goggle products lead the market in innovation with features such as: Patented Frameless design, Swiftlock quick lens changing system, armored venting, 100-percent UV protection, 200-percent stronger Super Anti-Fog coating, and universal helmet compatibility.

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Look for Dragon’s Lumalens® products at retailers now. For more information on Dragon’s premium family of snow products and more, visit

Everest climber Jeff Smith: In his words

Father, inspirer, mountaineer. Jeff Smith has recently returned from the highest point on Earth—the top of Mt. Everest—a personal journey that took him nearly three years to accomplish. At the age of 53 he’s proved that no challenge is too daunting and age is just a number. The Londoner who resides in Wales took Dragon along for the journey, in the form of our MountaineerX sunglasses, so we wanted to help tell his story.

So here’s Jeff Smith, Everest climber, in his words.

On Everest:
I’ve never been prouder. This is a different level. Everest was multiple times harder than anything I’ve ever done in my life.

Apart from my kids and family—from a sport perspective—it’s moved into the best thing I’ve ever done.

The view was just magnificent.

I was away for 60-plus days. Just being away from home and living in a tent for 60-odd days is insane. For me, it’s insane.

I’m from London, I had never slept in tent in my life. Until I went to Kilimanjaro with [my daughter] Chloe in 2010 and we slept on the mountain. I was 47.

[That was a] phenomenal thing for me to experience. But to take it from 2010 [at Kilimanjaro] to doing 8,848 [meters] two weeks ago is mind blowing. I don’t think it’s settled in yet. I think I’m coping with it, but to be honest, it’s so big.

I haven’t actually absorbed it yet. I took my guide out to dinner last week and he said, “I told you it would change your life.” I’ve been home for a week and it definitely has. I just feel brilliant.

I feel like the future and the landscape ahead of me is so positive. I feel really—not blessed—but very fortunate I’ve been able to get the win.

There’s so much that goes on with it. I mean, I saw people dead. I saw all kinds of things. I was avalanched twice. There were people around us getting frostbite. Some really scary things. All those things mixing into the melting pot; life changing, absolutely.

The chances of failing, there’s a lot of them. To get to the top and come back without frostbite and without any injury of sorts, I just feel really lucky.

I’m absolutely overwhelmed with the response from my friends and my family. It’s been phenomenal.

I think social media has played a big part. People send in videos—people I’ve never met, Stateside and all over the place. It’s literally mind blowing. Without being silly about it; I’m not a personality. I’m not a celebrity. I’m just a 53 year old dad with a couple of girls who has gone out and done a cool thing, But I never anticipated getting all the kind comments. They’ve been fantastic.

On his attempt in 2014:
I wanted to climb Everest; I felt like I had the potential. I went in 2014; I had done a few mountains and you know what, I felt like I was ready for Everest. I was 50 in 2014 and I need to do something as a bit of a headline. I could climb Everest and if I’m successful, that’s great for Jeff Smith. But what benefit will come out of that?

So I said, you know what, I’m going to go and climb Everest and raise an amount of money for a cancer charity in the UK for kids with cancer. It’s called Teenage Cancer Trust. So TCT became my charity of choice. On reflection, I did the right thing, but at the time it was a bit daunting and potentially foolhardy because I was 50 and I wanted to raise 50 grand. With some amazing help from amazing people we ended up raising 60 thousand pounds. Really happy with that. It was fantastic.

The whole thing was great, except I didn’t get to put a foot on the mountain because unfortunately there was a massive icefall which killed 16 sherpas. They closed the mountain, nobody climbed that year and I came home. I could have come home depressed but I came home reenergized.

On his reason in 2017:
This trip, you know what, I put myself under immense pressure. I’m a competitive bastard and I wouldn’t be satisfied with anything less than 60 grand. Rather than do that I opted to do something slightly different and make an impact. “How about we go see loads of schools?”

What we do is teach [kids] and tell them about Everest, how high it is, about frostbite, altitude and danger and all that kind of stuff.

I didn’t really know what I was doing [laughs] We went round I did a slideshow presentation and the Deputy Headmaster said that’s the best talk we’ve ever had. He said just that, and I thought I’ve absolutely nailed this. I went to my second school in Manchester and…. died a death. I absolutely got slaughtered. [laughs] The slideshow as very much based around being interactive and to cheer and all that kind of stuff. The ones in Manchester are different kids and annihilated me. We came away thinking, “Oh my god, that was terrible.” [laughs]

The whole idea is to inspire kids to work hard and whatever their dreams are, to follow them. And to prepare and put the work in behind the scenes. In my opinion, whatever you’re going to do, if you work hard at it, you can do anything. I hope as a 53 year old man, I can show that literally if you believe it, you can do it.

Now we have the opportunity to go back [to the schools]. It kind of cements what we’re saying in the beginning. If you’re determined and strong you can do anything. Never give up, you know? It was tough journey for me. It wasn’t easy. It was the toughest thing I’ve ever done. There were times when I was doubting my ability. You just have to dig deep and it came to fruition.

My dream is that long term, I affect some of their lives in some sort of small way. If I achieve that, mission accomplished.

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On getting into mountaineering:
[My daughter Chloe] decided she wanted to climb Kilimanjaro. I researched it, but under 18 you need a guardian (ed. note: she was 15), so I said I’ll come with you. We managed to go and do it in a very haphazard way, I must say. We trained really hard… I summited Kili wearing a snowboarding jacket. [laughs] It was very poor preparation. So I was very much a rookie.

I loved it. You know what, I want to do anther mountain. So I went to Russia and did [Mt. Elbrus] over there. There were 20-something people doing it and me and this other lad were the only two who summited. Conditions were quite abysmal but I’m quite determined and a stubborn bastard. I said I’m not giving up.

So I progressed from there. I ended up going to Denali, which was brilliant. Loved it. Denali is quite a tough one, it’s renowned. Kili is more of a trek and Elbrus isn’t really tough and after Denali I felt like I was in the realm of being taken seriously as a mountaineer.

It gives me adrenaline and keeps me strong and gives me a reason to train. When you hit your 50s, it’s very easy to hit the donuts and put your feet up. Every year I put something in place to do. Once I have a goal, I’ll do what it takes to train hard. I’m very dedicated.

I then went to Manaslu which is an 8,000 meter peak in the Himalayas. I just grew into it really. Once I’d done Manaslu, I thought I could do Everest. But not in a cocky way.

My guide who I’d climbed with twice before said pay me when you get back. Which is a big commitment on his part. I could have died and he’d have no money, which would be rubbish. But he’s a very philanthropic lad and he said, “It’ll change your life. Train hard, summit, and come. We’ll worry about the money when we come back.” I’m very lucky guy to be at the right place at the right time.

On the future:
I’m also going try and do a mountain called Cho Oyu in the Himalaya. It’s a relatively—I shouldn’t be cocky about this—but relatively easy 8,000 meter peak. I’ve already got two mountains that are probably tougher and a bit more difficult. It’ll give me a challenge but won’t be as dangerous and it’ll still be a great mountain.

I genuinely love the mountains. I might go and do a mountain called the matterhorn in Switzerland which is beautiful. I kind of want to expand my mountaineering career.

Also, I want to help people who want to climb these mountains. To be honest, there was lots of stuff that I experienced on Everest that nobody told me about. I didn’t expect that. I’d like to do some sort of a book or guide or something that helps people who want to do these big mountains. Even if it’s from a psychological standpoint. I think the fact that I’m 53 and did it isn’t a testament to my physical ability but very much a testament to my mental ability.

On his Dragon MountaineerX:
Genuinely, they were great. I took them with me. I had some Julbos I’d used before, and I’m a really honest guy. The Julbos make me look like a dork. Yours make me look like less of a dork. [laughs] So I loved yours and they work super well. And I genuinely fell in love with them. I said, “I’m just wearing these to the top.”

For more on Jeff’s accomplishments and future adventures, follow their Instagram account.

For more on the MountaineerX, check them out here.

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Dragon’s Detail Collection of Sunglasses- New for Spring 2016

Check out this fun video of Dragon’s young guns Evan Geiselman, Colt Ward, and Taylor Clark as they wander around in the new Detail Collection from Dragon. With designs that merge style and substance, the new Detail Collection from Dragon offers four unique, Italian-made frames built on premium details and clean, classic good looks. Sure, they look like fun but these are serious sunglasses. Blending these classic elements with Dragon’s design language and the input of their exceedingly stylish surf team, the Detail Collection frames emerge as fresh and modern with an elevated aesthetic. Styles include the Marquis, Monarch, Liege, and Count in stores spring ’16.

A Behind The Scenes Look at Mick Fanning’s JBay Shark Attack

By now, the world has all heard about the infamous shark attack on Mick Fanning at J Bay which happened live on the WSL webcast and spread like wildfire around the world.  Mick and Julian were true heroes that day and we are thankful that everyone is safe and sound.  This #Tournotes video shows the behind the scenes moments and emotions around the incident and help us get an understanding of the impact this will have on them for the rest of their lives.

As Mick has been quoted saying, “To walk away from a shark attack with not a scratch on you, it’s a miracle really. You just count your lucky stars.”  

Dragon Launches Cross Performance XP Collection

Dragon XP Cross Performance Collection Sunglasses With Adaptive Technology

Designed for exploration, adventure, and all types of outdoor action, Dragon’s new Cross Performance XP Collection with Adaptive Technology delivers new levels of all-sport performance & adaptability without sacrificing style. The key to this new collection is Adaptive Technology, engineered by Dragon for instant adaptability through function-focused features like interchangeable lenses and temples as well as floatable frames. Finally you can wear one pair of shades for everything and adapt instantly on land, water, and snow.

For anything in and around the water, the WatermanX & SeafarerX features Adaptive Technology in the interchangeable Aqua Leash system for secure fit and floatable frames to reduce the risk of loss. Each sunglass also comes with our Performance Lens Technology which has injected polar tints with mirror coating, 5x more impact resistance than standard polycarbonate lenses, and provides maximum protection from sun UV and corrosional elements such as salt water, sunblock, and fish guts. Perfect for fishing, paddling, and all watersport activities, these glasses deliver the features to enhance your experience.

For land-based action ranging from mountain biking to trail running, the EnduroX offers specialized features that adapt to any condition for increased vision, protection, and durability. With adjustable nose bridge and temples for the perfect fit, a ventilated lens system, and a lightweight frame, these sunglasses are made for activity. One of the select styles of the EnduroX also comes with light-sensitive Transitions® lenses designed to maintain optimum light levels in all conditions.

For those who like to spend time in the mountains or on the snow, the MountaineerX features interchangeable C-temples for secure fit, leather side shields to block reflective glare, and a rope lanyard system that reduces risk of loss. The Performance Lenses come with mirror tints for various light conditions, have 100% UV protection, are impact resistant up to 5x that of standard polycarbonate lenses, and have hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings that protect your lenses from the elements.

Built on over 20 years of eyewear innovation and Dragon’s roots in performance, the Cross Performance XP Collection with patented Adaptive Technology marks the brand’s dedication to the outdoor category. Whether your passions lead to adventure on land, sea, or snow, the Cross Performance XP Collection is Made For This.

The New Shadow Collection for 2015

Elevating expectations for a lifestyle sunglass, Dragon introduces the new Shadow Collection for 2015. Consisting of three bold silhouettes – the DS1, DS2 and Mansfield – the Shadow Collection takes design cues from Dragon’s award winning Frameless Lens Technology with a unique shield lens that creates a sleek, sophisticated aesthetic. This is combined with hand-made, Italian crafted frames and the assurance of the premium quality Dragon is known for. The name aside, this distinctive collection is for those looking to set themselves apart from the crowd.Owen Wright DS2

Many of Dragon’s top athletes like Owen Wright have been wearing the styles in this new collection.  To see the Shadow Collection in person, check out one of our fine retail partners near you or go online to www.DragonAlliance.Com.

Sheehan takes Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour

The Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour came down to the last round with a new stop in Petoria, South Africa. Dragon’s Josh Sheehan was leading the points going into the final and was on a mission to claim what was rightfully his. The Australian dominating, winning every heat by unanimous decision to earn his first X-Fighters championship. Runner up for the series was Levi Sherwood, NZL followed by Dany Torres, ESP.?”I’ve been wanting this for years, and it’s a dream come true. I’m on top of the world.” said an overwhelmed Sheehan.IMG_3812