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Dragon Proudly Announces Lumalens® Expansion


San Clemente, CA (September 18, 2017) —Dragon is proud to announce the expansion of its Lumalens® proprietary color optimized technology into the entire line of goggles and into a considerable spectrum of colors. Starting Fall 2017, 11 distinct lenses will utilize Lumalens® technology, spanning every model from the premium X2 to the youth Lil D goggle.

The expanded Lumalens® line covers an expansive VLT range of 10-percent to 80-precent, and is available throughout 11 unique colored tints. Despite the increased utilization of Lumalens® technology, there is no price increase to consumers, delivering the highest quality and superior performing lenses for the same price as prior seasons.

Dragon’s Lumalens® technology has been engineered to filter and optimize incoming light waves, providing all-day comfort for your eyes and consistently crisp, clear optics. Each Lumalens® tint is specifically tuned for its environment thereby delivering superior color recognition, increased contrast and clarity, enhanced depth perception—and by filtering out light waves attributed to haze and glare—reduced eye fatigue.

In addition to Lumalens® filtering technology, Dragon’s snow goggle products lead the market in innovation with features such as: Patented Frameless design, Swiftlock quick lens changing system, armored venting, 100-percent UV protection, 200-percent stronger Super Anti-Fog coating, and universal helmet compatibility.

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 3.15.24 PM

Look for Dragon’s Lumalens® products at retailers now. For more information on Dragon’s premium family of snow products and more, visit

Dragon Announces New LUMALENS Technology


Dragon is proud to announce the release of LUMALENS®, a color optimized lens technology offering ultra high-definition optics across the entire spectrum of light conditions. Engineered to optimize and improve visibility in all environments, Dragon’s exclusive LUMALENS® Technology delivers enhanced color vividness, increased contrast and precise depth perception. By filtering out light attributed to haze and glare while letting in light that intensifies clarity and contrast, LUMALENS® achieves a new standard in lens performance.

This state-of-the-art technology provides all-day comfort for your eyes and consistently crisp, clear optics enabling users to see more, react faster, and perform better. For winter 2017, Dragon is offering LUMALENS® Technology in our most popular goggles including the X2, X2s, X1, X1s, Rogue & NFX2 models. LUMALENS® will be available in two distinct lens tint options: Flash Blue (47% VLT) & Flash Green (25% VLT).

The benefits are obvious for Dragon’s stable of world renowned snowsports athletes—which include snowboarders Danny Davis and Blake Paul, and skiers Jossi Wells and Chris Benchetler—all of whom utilize LUMALENS® Technology in their respective pro model goggles. Look for Dragon goggles featuring LUMALENS® Technology in stores currently. For more information on all of Dragon’s premium eyewear offerings visit

Dragon’s #WeAreFrameless Tour 2015 | Utah Video

The #WeAreFrameless Tour is back for the final chapter and is set to go out with a bang. The crew has assembled with a nod to humble beginnings in Salt Lake City, UT. Brighton Resort and the Bone Zone, snowboarding’s premier pre-season destination, did not disappoint. Sit back and prepare yourself for that special brand of snowboarding only the Mocha Boys can bring you.
Over the course of the next month the #WeAreFrameless Tour will travel from Utah to the Northwest with three stops and four edits along the way. Be sure to follow @dragonalliance to stay up to date on the most recent Tour action!

Blake Paul Spencer Schubert Tommy Gesme Mark Wilson Dillon Ojo Frank April
Filmed By:
Colton Feldman Rodrick AF Snipe
Edited By:
Colton Feldman
Huge Thanks To:
Brighton Resort
Jared Winkler
Mary Walsh
Mike Yoshida
Pat Bridges
Paul Hickey
Indoor Sports Courts
Snowboarder Mag
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The NFX2 Snow Goggle with quickest, most secure lens change system ever.

For those that are not comfortable standing still and are always moving forward, we introduce you to the NFX2 Snow Goggle. New for 2015, the NFX2 combines technical innovation with timeless style. With features like our Swiftlock Quick Lens Change System, the fastest and most secure lens change system ever, the panic of harsh conditions becomes a thing of the past. Evolve, stay one step ahead of your environment and… Adapt Instantly.

Check out the whole collection at New NFX2 Goggle Collection

Dragon Releases NFX2 Motocross Goggle

The best moto goggle gets even better

Dragon’s patented NFX goggle changed the paradigm in motocross goggle design. The old, worn out idea of how a goggle should be made was thrown out and a better, smarter design was introduced. That evolution takes another step as Dragon introduces the NFX2.

With the same forward-thinking design, the NFX2 takes an incredible goggle and makes it even better. With an integrated removable outrigger the NFX2 is able to achieve a tighter seal with the face than any other moto goggle. The outrigger also makes tear-off application and removal a simple and effective task. The Swiftlock lens change system is, hands down, the quickest and most innovative lens changing design in the industry. With the flip of a switch the goggle is locked/unlocked and easily removed to adapt to changing light conditions. The NFX2 also features Dragon’s patented frameless technology, injected dual all-weather anti fog treated lens, armored venting, premium quad-foam technology, silicone beaded strap backing, removable nose guard and extra wide peripheral view that sets an industry standard for vision.

Dragon NFX2 Moto Goggle

“I’ve been with Dragon for a while now and it’s awesome to see these guys aggressively working to give us the best goggle possible. I didn’t think they could improve on the NFX but this new NFX2 is the best goggle I’ve ever used,” Rockstar Energy/Husqvarna’s Jason Anderson.