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Chelsea Tuach’s releases Wandering: El Salvador

From Chelsea Tuach on the latest in her Wandering series:

“I wanted to film part two of the Wandering series in El Salvador because it’s my go-to spot for surf trips and times when I want to escape and reset.

It’s where I went for my first surf trip, an all girls shoot for ESM magazine. The waves were perfect and I remember paddling out the first day, with six other girls and wondering what the locals would think of the instant crowd… but once they realized we could surf, they were happy to let us catch all of the waves we pleased.

I’ve always experienced happy and welcoming vibes and I think that’s why I love it so much. It’s the wonderful combination of pumping surf, rice & beans and laid back locals. The wifi is usually spotty which just gives you the excuse to leave your laptop closed and slip into the delightful routine of surf, eat, nap, repeat.

“Wandering El Salvador” shows the moments where I do just that. Where I let go and have fun in one of my favorite surf destinations. It’s playful and carefree and I hope it makes you just want to go surf. It was made possible by Suzuki Caribbean.”

For more from Chelsea, follow her on Instagram.

Griffin Colapinto wins the Vans Triple Crown


We’re proud to announce that Dragon surfer Griffin Colapinto has clinched the Vans Triple Crown, one of surfing’s most prestigious awards. By virtue of his 2nd place at the Hawaiian Pro and 4th at the Vans Pro. Griffin didn’t make it into the Billabong Pipe Pro but had enough points to carry him to the title.

Colapinto, 19, also locked up a berth into the 2018 World Surf League Championship Tour, joining other San Clemente surfers Kolohe Andino and Patrick Gudauskas. Griffin posted the following on Instagram about his Triple Crown win.

Julia Marino snags 2nd at First Grand Prix of the year

The newest Dragon rider Julia Marino has earned herself a 2nd place finish at the US Grand Prix at Copper big air, marking yet another podium finish for the young Connecticut-native.

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The event serves as the unofficial kick off to the North American contest season, while the entire US Grand Prix series acts as a mini-tour where the snowboarders compete for US Olympic team berths. With her 2nd place finish, and being the highest US woman in the field, Julia earns a valuable “1st” in the race to an Olympic spot for the US in Big Air.

Next on Julia and the contest world’s schedule is the Winter Dew Tour in Breckenridge, CO, Dec. 11 – 14. For more on the event, visit

To see more from Julia, follow her on Instagram.

Watch Danny Davis’s Peace Park

The world waited for the 2017 Peace Park movie to drop, and that it did last weekend on ABC’s World of X TV premiere. Dragon’s Danny Davis hosted some of the world’s best snowboarder’s—including Dragon’s Brock Crouch— at Grand Targhee, WY, in an effort to push the creativity and celebrate the style that is so crucial to snowboarding’s history. Without further ado, here is the 2017 Peace Park.

Dragon x Asymbol Collaboration: Schoph Q&A

p: Matt Higson

We recently announced a unique partnership with art collective Asymbol and their talented roster of artists on a collection of Dragon styles that have been globally released. The featured artists—Bryan Iguchi, Jamie Lynn, Schoph, and Iuna Tinta—have created enduring pieces of art that have been combined with Dragon’s renowned premium eyewear products to celebrate the intersection of action sports and art.

We caught up with the first of the four artists, Schoph, about the process.

Dragon: How did you first get involved with Dragon and Asymbol?
Schoph: Firstly, [I was] supported by Dragon as a snowboarder over 15 years ago. Progressing later, I began working with Dragon as an artist over 10 years ago. Asymbol contacted me a few years back now, to represent me as an artist in the States, with an established lineup artists [and], it fell into place and for made sense.

About the Dragon/Asymbol collab—a year or so ago I had a meeting to run another signature goggle/sunglass collection with Dragon, [and] at that point, Dragon and Asymbol were looking at working together. I joined the dots and made that connection introducing the two and from that the collection grew from myself adding Jamie, ‘Guch and [Iuna].

DR: How important is a collective of artists like this?
SC: We’re all doing our own thing, pushing ourselves as artists. If on our own or together in the snowboard [industry] that’s important as were all working with our respective brands. Whether or not were pushing our culture, I don’t know, maybe just helping it become more established and growing the art culture within it, working with our hook ups.

DR: How do you start work on a piece, does it then stay true to that idea or do you adapt it as you go along?
SC: It does and it doesn’t. None of mine stay exact, and I try to plan as loosely as possible. It gets to the point [where] you can’t think about it too much and just let it happen over days of working on a piece.

DR: We’ve seen a number of collaboration pieces from the group, how do these come about? Is it planned or completely organic?
SC: Art isa very personal thing. To be able to work with Jamie and ‘Guch is a no brainer. From the start were on the same page and it all falls into place. The past few years between myself and Jamie, we’ve been working together a lot, either for hook ups, mural pieces or personal projects.

DR: When is a piece “finished” for you? At the last brushstroke or at its first viewing by a stranger?
SC: Well… when the brush goes down [on that piece], I make art for myself so… it’s definitely when the light goes out in my studio.

DR: What’s your favorite piece of work, by yourself and also by other artists?
SC: I don’t have a favorite, I paint something and move on. Each new piece I push a little more, not only to get my art [to progress] but to push myself. I paint one I like it for a time then the next is better and so on.

DR: What’s next?
SC: Next…. I’m just getting started.

# # #

The Dragon and Asymbol collaboration was shown publicly for the first time at the Human Nature (HMNNTR) Art Show in London, England on Friday, October 27th at The Underdog Gallery. All four artists were in attendance at this annual event, which was created to provide the snowboard and art communities with an international platform to showcase their work, a show that Dragon has supported for several years. All the artists, who have deep ties to Dragon and the larger action sports community, exhibited original works as well as the Dragon x Asymbol collaborative works.

The new collection includes top selling styles from each eyewear category, including three of Dragon’s snow goggles (X2s, NFX2, and D1 OTG), one sunglass (Monarch) and one optical frame (Owen). Each artist’s graces two goggle styles, one sunglass and one optical frame and will be available globally at key retailers as well as online at and

For more information on each of the artists, follow their Instagram feeds: Schoph // Jamie Lynn // Bryan Iguchi // Iuna Tinta

For more from Dragon and it’s premium family of products, visit

Griffin Colapinto earns spot on 2018 WCT; 2nd at Hawaiian Pro

He’s done it. The San Clemente teen surf wunderkind Griffin Colapinto has officially locked up his spot on the 2018 World Surf League Championship Tour. Griffin shocked the field at the QS10000 to make the superfinal, where he took 2nd place and secured his spot on the Championship Tour.

“I’m at a loss for words,” Colapinto told Rosy Hodges in a post-heat interview. “I’ve gone through so much hard work, I have to thank my parents. We committed to this path when I was 15… and the goal by the time I turned 19 was to be qualified [for the CT]. I nailed my goals at this spot, I’m so proud of that, it’s a lot to process.”

Currently, Colapinto sits at 2nd place on the Qualifying Series rankings, where the top 10 make the Championship Tour. The rankings are based off of your top five results. The 8,000 points from the Hawaiian Pro are a great top end results for Griffin. At his event prior to Hawaii, the Billabong Pro in Cascais, Portugal, Griffin made the Quarters and grabbed 5,200 points. A pair of 3,700 point grabs at the Vans US Open of Surfing and Ballito Pro in South Africa over the summer are respectable. 2,650 points from the Chiba Open in Japan earlier this year round out his scores.

Griffin is automatically in the running for the Vans Triple Crown, by virtue of his 2nd place finish, but most importantly, he’s locked up his CT berth. He will be the 2nd San Clemente native on tour along with Kolohe Andino. Unfortunately, the CT event held at Lowers isn’t on the docket next year, so the locals will have to watch Griffin makes waves online instead of in person.

For more from Griffin, follow his Instagram feed.