Dragon x Asymbol Collaboration: Schoph Q&A

p: Matt Higson

We recently announced a unique partnership with art collective Asymbol and their talented roster of artists on a collection of Dragon styles that have been globally released. The featured artists—Bryan Iguchi, Jamie Lynn, Schoph, and Iuna Tinta—have created enduring pieces of art that have been combined with Dragon’s renowned premium eyewear products to celebrate the intersection of action sports and art.

We caught up with the first of the four artists, Schoph, about the process.

Dragon: How did you first get involved with Dragon and Asymbol?
Schoph: Firstly, [I was] supported by Dragon as a snowboarder over 15 years ago. Progressing later, I began working with Dragon as an artist over 10 years ago. Asymbol contacted me a few years back now, to represent me as an artist in the States, with an established lineup artists [and], it fell into place and for made sense.

About the Dragon/Asymbol collab—a year or so ago I had a meeting to run another signature goggle/sunglass collection with Dragon, [and] at that point, Dragon and Asymbol were looking at working together. I joined the dots and made that connection introducing the two and from that the collection grew from myself adding Jamie, ‘Guch and [Iuna].

DR: How important is a collective of artists like this?
SC: We’re all doing our own thing, pushing ourselves as artists. If on our own or together in the snowboard [industry] that’s important as were all working with our respective brands. Whether or not were pushing our culture, I don’t know, maybe just helping it become more established and growing the art culture within it, working with our hook ups.

DR: How do you start work on a piece, does it then stay true to that idea or do you adapt it as you go along?
SC: It does and it doesn’t. None of mine stay exact, and I try to plan as loosely as possible. It gets to the point [where] you can’t think about it too much and just let it happen over days of working on a piece.

DR: We’ve seen a number of collaboration pieces from the group, how do these come about? Is it planned or completely organic?
SC: Art isa very personal thing. To be able to work with Jamie and ‘Guch is a no brainer. From the start were on the same page and it all falls into place. The past few years between myself and Jamie, we’ve been working together a lot, either for hook ups, mural pieces or personal projects.

DR: When is a piece “finished” for you? At the last brushstroke or at its first viewing by a stranger?
SC: Well… when the brush goes down [on that piece], I make art for myself so… it’s definitely when the light goes out in my studio.

DR: What’s your favorite piece of work, by yourself and also by other artists?
SC: I don’t have a favorite, I paint something and move on. Each new piece I push a little more, not only to get my art [to progress] but to push myself. I paint one I like it for a time then the next is better and so on.

DR: What’s next?
SC: Next…. I’m just getting started.

# # #

The Dragon and Asymbol collaboration was shown publicly for the first time at the Human Nature (HMNNTR) Art Show in London, England on Friday, October 27th at The Underdog Gallery. All four artists were in attendance at this annual event, which was created to provide the snowboard and art communities with an international platform to showcase their work, a show that Dragon has supported for several years. All the artists, who have deep ties to Dragon and the larger action sports community, exhibited original works as well as the Dragon x Asymbol collaborative works.

The new collection includes top selling styles from each eyewear category, including three of Dragon’s snow goggles (X2s, NFX2, and D1 OTG), one sunglass (Monarch) and one optical frame (Owen). Each artist’s graces two goggle styles, one sunglass and one optical frame and will be available globally at key retailers as well as online at dragonalliance.com and www.asymbol.co.

For more information on each of the artists, follow their Instagram feeds: Schoph // Jamie Lynn // Bryan Iguchi // Iuna Tinta

For more from Dragon and it’s premium family of products, visit dragonalliance.com.