Photos: Day 3 at the Hurley Lowers Pro

Hurley Pro Trestles

An In-Form Mick Fanning

With Kelly and Parko falling, Mick has a chance to gain some serious ground in the world title race.

Day 3 at the Hurley Lowers Pro separated the boys from the men, and it sure as hell wasn’t the size of the waves that did so. In 2-3 foot bowls, the ASP judging staff had its hands full as every surfer wore their best dress. The slightest bog was the difference between a 6.5 and a 9, and one priority blunder was all it would take to sway a heat. We saw big names — like Kelly Slater and Joel Parkinson — go down. And we saw some of the other usual suspects — like Adriano, Mick, Jordy and Julian — blow up. The day set the scene for what it sure to be a memorable final day, regardless of what the Pacific Ocean has on offer.

Standout Of The Day: Julian Wilson is heavily favored going into the final day. After torching Felipe Toledo, Julian went on to absolutely annihilate his Round 4 heat with two 9+ rides. This kid is not afraid to go big in heats and, in waves like this, that means a lot to the judges.

Honorable Mentions: Jordy Smith hasn’t flinched once. The big boy has convincingly won every heat he’s surfed, and he could just be saving his best for the final day. Pat Gudauskasalso killed the giant of Kelly Slater and won his Round 4 heat, thus placing himself on every serious contender’s radar.

What To Watch For: Airs, lulls, combos and airs. We will see a little bit of everything on the final day at Lowers. And while there’s no telling exactly how it will all unfold, chances are that there will be a little bit of everything. That’s Lowers for you.

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