Rockin’ out with Danny Davis

Danny Davis made his annual trek to New Zealand to train for the upcoming season. But being a tiny island in the middle of the Pacific, the weather can get a little iffy from time to time. How does he deal with his down days? Check the results below.

Michael Dunphy featured in Surfline’s Lone Star Stoke

Set in the heart of Texas, Lone Star Stoke gives us an inside look at what Dragon team pro Michael Dunphy and co. found at America’s first modern wavepool, the NLand Surf Park. The park, which has recently opened to the public, is bringing surf culture to the indie-haven known Austin, TX.

Surfline – Lone Star Stoke

Check out the video from the trip and head to Surfline’s Full-Screen Features for some incredible NLand imagery and quotes from the surfers who made the trip.