Anderson and Osborne take dual 2nds at Muddy Creek

r: Jason Anderson p: Rich Shepherd

r: Jason Anderson p: Rich Shepherd / RacerX

Another banner weekend for the Dragon motocross riders, with Rockstar-Husqvarna’s Jason Anderson and Zach Osborne both taking second place overall finishes in their respective classes. This marks yet another podium performance for both riders in the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Outdoor Championship series. This is Anderson’s fourth straight overall podium and Zach’s fourth overall podium.

On the 450 side, Jason Anderson has been trending in a great direction, who easily cruised to the win in the first Moto, handily beating the field by a wide margin. The 2nd Moto was a little rougher, with Anderson having to battle his way up front at the start, ultimately finishing in 2nd, for a 2nd overall finish as well.

“Yeah, for sure [I was thinking about the overall],” said Anderson after winning Moto 1. “I had a good first Moto and I felt like I was out front and it was good. It was the most drama-free first Moto I’ve had all year. I was excited about that and felt like I had the energy and everything to put in a good battle. The second Moto I was trying my butt off but I think I was trying a little too hard. But all in all, everyone was ripping. I was glad I put myself in a position to win the overall. That’s the first time I’ve ever tied for points overall. So, I feel like it’s a step in the right direction, but at the same time I need to keep grinding. Just keep trying my best and hopefully that overall will come. It will be sweet when it does.”

On the 250 side, Zach Osborne has been running the red plate since Glen Helen, kept his consistently great rides into Tennessee, finishing second overall with a 5-1 performance on the day. Uneven, yes, but due to some unfortunate finishes by his main competition, Osborne increased his Championship lead to 31 points over Alex Martin and Jeremy Martin.

In the 450 Championship, Anderson has been making consistent strides, and has closed to 3rd place despite missing an entire Moto in Hangtown, just 19 points back now.

r: Zach Osborne p: Rich Shepherd / RacerX

r: Zach Osborne p: Rich Shepherd / RacerX

New to the 450 bike, Martin Davalos has been getting steadily better, with an 8th overall finish, while 250 rookie Michael Mosiman took Muddy Creek off due to a light shoulder injury suffered last weekend in High Point.

Next weekend the circuit heads to Michigan to Red Bud, where Osborne managed a 3rd place finish last season. Anderson will look for his first career overall 450 win, while Zach looks to increase his points lead as he rocks the red for a fifth straight race.

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Anderson, Osborne Grab 2nd Place Finishes at High Point

After a much needed weekend off, the Rockstar-Husqvarna-Dragon MX riders were back at it. Set in Morristown, PA, the High Point MX track sported a new look, but it didn’t faze the top Dragon riders—Jason Anderson and Zach Osborne—who both grabbed second overall in their respective classes.

“Coming here after seeing the drone footage, man they killed it,” Osborne noted on the new track layout. “When we come here we know it’s going to be either really hot, or rain. It’s always just gonna be like this, nasty. [But] it turned out to be really good racing.”

Added Anderson on the track conditions: “I thought the track was pretty good, especially for all the rain and how muddy it was in practice.”

For the first time in the first four stops, High Point ran the 450’s motos first, with Dragon fielding Jason Anderson and Martin Davalos in the field. After checking the fastest lap in practice/qualifying, Jason Anderson had first gate pick for Moto 1. And after a little gate-drop confusion, the race got underway. While Jason was in the mix for a podium finish, a few crashes held the New Mexico native back, where he ultimately battled back to 5th place. “First Moto, I crashed two, three times,” said Jason. “Just going for it too much.”

Martin Davalos finished 13th in Moto 1, not an out of place spot for the Ecuadorian.

On the 250 side of things, current points leader Zach Osborne and rookie Michael Mosiman lined up for Dragon. After a rough outing at Thunder Valley his last time out, Zach Osborne flew out of the gate, determined for a better finish. The weekend off turned out to be a boon, with Zach winning the first Moto. “[The] first Moto was really good for me,” explained Zach. “I got off to a second place start. I was able to open up a little gap and manage the race from the front.”

17-year-old Michael Mosiman finished 17th place, respectable for a rookie riding High Point for his first time.

With the heat pounding the track and stifling the riders, Moto 2 went better for Jason Anderson on the 450 side. After a better start, Jason was racing up front with eventual Moto winner Eli Tomac. He was passed a couple of times, but managed a 3rd place finish in Moto 2, good enough for a 2nd overall. “I want to win but at the same time I’m having a good time and getting podiums,” said El Hombre. “I want to be on top of the box, but at the same time I’m getting podiums, so I can’t be too bummed.” Davalos increased his Moto 2 placing to 10th, ending up with a 12th Overall.

Osborne got off to a worse start in Moto 2, but raced his way back to a 2nd place finish, giving him 2nd overall for the day. He and Moto 2 winner Jeremy Martin both finished with a 1st and 2nd, but the tie-breaker in Outdoor Nationals is your placing in Moto 2, giving J-Mart an edge. “I was really sick in Glen Helen and after the race it got worse and worse and wasn’t able to kick it for [Thunder Valley],” noted Osborne. “But now I’m well and feels good to come back and win a Moto.”

r: Jason Anderson in practice last week

r: Jason Anderson in practice last week

As far as Championship points go, Zach retains the red plate going into Tennessee next weekend. Zach doubled his 9-point margin over Alex Martin to an 18-point lead over brother Jeremy Martin. Rookie Michael Mosiman sits in 13th place.

Jason Anderson gained points on Eli Tomac and pre-High Point leader Marvin Musquin who finished a disappointing 11th due to injury, but lost points on new red plate holder Blake Baggett. Anderson is currently in 4th, and still very much in Championship contention, while Martin Davalos sits back in 12th place.

“I got waxed again, for the second weekend in a row, but I got a podium so that was cool,” ended Jason. “[I’ll] try and bring it in Tennessee.”

Next weekend the boys head to Tennessee to the Muddy Creek Raceway. For more on points, results and races, visit For more from the Dragon riders, follow them on Instagram: Jason Anderson // Zach Osborne // Michael Mosiman // Martin Davalos.

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Griffin Colapinto: San Clemente Livelihood


Our friends at DVS and Livelihood teamed up to chat with Dragon surfer Griffin Colapinto for a morning chat and a surf in his hometown of San Clemente, California. Discussing some history, where he’s at now and his plans for the future. Stay tuned for more from Griffin as he makes his way toward qualifying for surfing’s elite WSL World Tour. Watch the video below.


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Everest climber Jeff Smith: In his words

Father, inspirer, mountaineer. Jeff Smith has recently returned from the highest point on Earth—the top of Mt. Everest—a personal journey that took him nearly three years to accomplish. At the age of 53 he’s proved that no challenge is too daunting and age is just a number. The Londoner who resides in Wales took Dragon along for the journey, in the form of our MountaineerX sunglasses, so we wanted to help tell his story.

So here’s Jeff Smith, Everest climber, in his words.

On Everest:
I’ve never been prouder. This is a different level. Everest was multiple times harder than anything I’ve ever done in my life.

Apart from my kids and family—from a sport perspective—it’s moved into the best thing I’ve ever done.

The view was just magnificent.

I was away for 60-plus days. Just being away from home and living in a tent for 60-odd days is insane. For me, it’s insane.

I’m from London, I had never slept in tent in my life. Until I went to Kilimanjaro with [my daughter] Chloe in 2010 and we slept on the mountain. I was 47.

[That was a] phenomenal thing for me to experience. But to take it from 2010 [at Kilimanjaro] to doing 8,848 [meters] two weeks ago is mind blowing. I don’t think it’s settled in yet. I think I’m coping with it, but to be honest, it’s so big.

I haven’t actually absorbed it yet. I took my guide out to dinner last week and he said, “I told you it would change your life.” I’ve been home for a week and it definitely has. I just feel brilliant.

I feel like the future and the landscape ahead of me is so positive. I feel really—not blessed—but very fortunate I’ve been able to get the win.

There’s so much that goes on with it. I mean, I saw people dead. I saw all kinds of things. I was avalanched twice. There were people around us getting frostbite. Some really scary things. All those things mixing into the melting pot; life changing, absolutely.

The chances of failing, there’s a lot of them. To get to the top and come back without frostbite and without any injury of sorts, I just feel really lucky.

I’m absolutely overwhelmed with the response from my friends and my family. It’s been phenomenal.

I think social media has played a big part. People send in videos—people I’ve never met, Stateside and all over the place. It’s literally mind blowing. Without being silly about it; I’m not a personality. I’m not a celebrity. I’m just a 53 year old dad with a couple of girls who has gone out and done a cool thing, But I never anticipated getting all the kind comments. They’ve been fantastic.

On his attempt in 2014:
I wanted to climb Everest; I felt like I had the potential. I went in 2014; I had done a few mountains and you know what, I felt like I was ready for Everest. I was 50 in 2014 and I need to do something as a bit of a headline. I could climb Everest and if I’m successful, that’s great for Jeff Smith. But what benefit will come out of that?

So I said, you know what, I’m going to go and climb Everest and raise an amount of money for a cancer charity in the UK for kids with cancer. It’s called Teenage Cancer Trust. So TCT became my charity of choice. On reflection, I did the right thing, but at the time it was a bit daunting and potentially foolhardy because I was 50 and I wanted to raise 50 grand. With some amazing help from amazing people we ended up raising 60 thousand pounds. Really happy with that. It was fantastic.

The whole thing was great, except I didn’t get to put a foot on the mountain because unfortunately there was a massive icefall which killed 16 sherpas. They closed the mountain, nobody climbed that year and I came home. I could have come home depressed but I came home reenergized.

On his reason in 2017:
This trip, you know what, I put myself under immense pressure. I’m a competitive bastard and I wouldn’t be satisfied with anything less than 60 grand. Rather than do that I opted to do something slightly different and make an impact. “How about we go see loads of schools?”

What we do is teach [kids] and tell them about Everest, how high it is, about frostbite, altitude and danger and all that kind of stuff.

I didn’t really know what I was doing [laughs] We went round I did a slideshow presentation and the Deputy Headmaster said that’s the best talk we’ve ever had. He said just that, and I thought I’ve absolutely nailed this. I went to my second school in Manchester and…. died a death. I absolutely got slaughtered. [laughs] The slideshow as very much based around being interactive and to cheer and all that kind of stuff. The ones in Manchester are different kids and annihilated me. We came away thinking, “Oh my god, that was terrible.” [laughs]

The whole idea is to inspire kids to work hard and whatever their dreams are, to follow them. And to prepare and put the work in behind the scenes. In my opinion, whatever you’re going to do, if you work hard at it, you can do anything. I hope as a 53 year old man, I can show that literally if you believe it, you can do it.

Now we have the opportunity to go back [to the schools]. It kind of cements what we’re saying in the beginning. If you’re determined and strong you can do anything. Never give up, you know? It was tough journey for me. It wasn’t easy. It was the toughest thing I’ve ever done. There were times when I was doubting my ability. You just have to dig deep and it came to fruition.

My dream is that long term, I affect some of their lives in some sort of small way. If I achieve that, mission accomplished.

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On getting into mountaineering:
[My daughter Chloe] decided she wanted to climb Kilimanjaro. I researched it, but under 18 you need a guardian (ed. note: she was 15), so I said I’ll come with you. We managed to go and do it in a very haphazard way, I must say. We trained really hard… I summited Kili wearing a snowboarding jacket. [laughs] It was very poor preparation. So I was very much a rookie.

I loved it. You know what, I want to do anther mountain. So I went to Russia and did [Mt. Elbrus] over there. There were 20-something people doing it and me and this other lad were the only two who summited. Conditions were quite abysmal but I’m quite determined and a stubborn bastard. I said I’m not giving up.

So I progressed from there. I ended up going to Denali, which was brilliant. Loved it. Denali is quite a tough one, it’s renowned. Kili is more of a trek and Elbrus isn’t really tough and after Denali I felt like I was in the realm of being taken seriously as a mountaineer.

It gives me adrenaline and keeps me strong and gives me a reason to train. When you hit your 50s, it’s very easy to hit the donuts and put your feet up. Every year I put something in place to do. Once I have a goal, I’ll do what it takes to train hard. I’m very dedicated.

I then went to Manaslu which is an 8,000 meter peak in the Himalayas. I just grew into it really. Once I’d done Manaslu, I thought I could do Everest. But not in a cocky way.

My guide who I’d climbed with twice before said pay me when you get back. Which is a big commitment on his part. I could have died and he’d have no money, which would be rubbish. But he’s a very philanthropic lad and he said, “It’ll change your life. Train hard, summit, and come. We’ll worry about the money when we come back.” I’m very lucky guy to be at the right place at the right time.

On the future:
I’m also going try and do a mountain called Cho Oyu in the Himalaya. It’s a relatively—I shouldn’t be cocky about this—but relatively easy 8,000 meter peak. I’ve already got two mountains that are probably tougher and a bit more difficult. It’ll give me a challenge but won’t be as dangerous and it’ll still be a great mountain.

I genuinely love the mountains. I might go and do a mountain called the matterhorn in Switzerland which is beautiful. I kind of want to expand my mountaineering career.

Also, I want to help people who want to climb these mountains. To be honest, there was lots of stuff that I experienced on Everest that nobody told me about. I didn’t expect that. I’d like to do some sort of a book or guide or something that helps people who want to do these big mountains. Even if it’s from a psychological standpoint. I think the fact that I’m 53 and did it isn’t a testament to my physical ability but very much a testament to my mental ability.

On his Dragon MountaineerX:
Genuinely, they were great. I took them with me. I had some Julbos I’d used before, and I’m a really honest guy. The Julbos make me look like a dork. Yours make me look like less of a dork. [laughs] So I loved yours and they work super well. And I genuinely fell in love with them. I said, “I’m just wearing these to the top.”

For more on Jeff’s accomplishments and future adventures, follow their Instagram account.

For more on the MountaineerX, check them out here.

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Liege H2O featured on Men’s Fitness

Our friends over at Men’s Fitness put together a gallery of some of the best gear for boating and the beach this summer. Amongst all the great product was our very own Liege from the H2O Floatable Collection. Take a look at the rest of the gallery.

And if you’re interested in our premium, polarized sunglasses that float, take a look at all of our H2O Floatable offerings.

Jason Anderson takes 3rd at Thunder Valley

photo: Aaron Blatt

photo: Aaron Blatt

Oxygen might be in short supply in the Mile High City, but results weren’t. Rockstar-Husqvarna- Dragon’s Jason Anderson grabbed his second podium in a row with a 3rd place overall finish, with a 2-6 finish in the two motos.

“Obviously, I struggle here and even this track in general I’m not good at riding it,” Anderson explained post-race. “To be on the podium is great for me here.” Anderson has a well-documented history at not having the best finishes in Thunder Valley and at altitude, in general (he suffers from altitude sickness).

“I kind of just rode around and tried to stay within myself,” he continued. “I really wanted to make it strong through both motos. So, from here on out I kind of want to do what I did last weekend and battle for those wins and definitely stay on the box. I feel like I’ve been settling up here, but to be honest I really want to get some wins. That’s where I’m at right now.”

photo: Aaron Blatt

photo: Aaron Blatt

Anderson started the day well, finishing in 2nd place in Moto 1. He was a bit off the pace of the eventual race winner Justin Bogle, but wasn’t really threatened by the 3rd place rider Blake Baggett. In Moto 2, the altitude and style of track (technical and rutty) hampered Jason, but he kept the damage to a minimum and finished 6th, which was good enough for the overall podium. “To be honest it’s kind of a bummer that I struggle here,” he said. “I feel like I got it figured out to at least manage a day and still be on the podium. Salt Lake I was on the podium and here I was on the podium. I kind of got lucky. A 2-6 usually doesn’t land you up here, but I’ll take it.”

Jason keep making up ground in the points race for the Championship, with Overall leaders Marvin Musquin and Eli Tomac having uneven days. Jason currently sits in 4th place, a bit off the lead because of a missed Moto in Hangtown due to injury.

The day wasn’t as kind for other Dragon motocross riders, as 250 overall leader Zach Osborne managed a 5th place overall finish. Not bad by any means, but not the result he’d be used to (two overall wins to start the season). Martin Davalos, who has been racing 450 this year, finished 10-11 in the Motos, good for 10th overall, while 250 rookie Michael Mosiman grabbed 10th overall with a 12-10 day. Zach Osborne still holds the red plate into High Point in two weeks.

Next up is the off-weekend as the circuit shifts East, with High Point in Pennsylvania being the next stop. For more from these guys, follow their Instagram feeds: Jason Anderson // Zach Osborne // Martin Davalos // Michael Mosiman // Dragon Motorsports


Osborne takes Overall in Glen Helen; Anderson 1st in Moto 2

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The Rockstar-Husqvarna-Dragon motocross riders continued their assault on the Outdoor Nationals this weekend at the Glen Helen Raceway. 250 rider Zach Osborne has been on fire, taking his 2nd consecutive overall win, while 450 rider Jason Anderson took his first Moto win of his career, grabbing 2nd overall on the day.

Osborne finished 4th and 2nd in the two Motos, good enough for the overall win. Despite coming off of a huge 1-1 win in Hangtown, Osborne knows he can’t take anything for granted. “I woke up a little bit early this morning because I was so nervous as to how it was going to go,” said Osborne post-race. “This isn’t historically one of the best tracks for me. To take the overall is icing on the cake.”

The Virginian took a massive jump on his lead, increasing the points gap to 21 points (it was 14 after Hangtown). All things considered, Zach is in a great place, exceeding even his own expectations. “I wanted to get out of California with two top fives and to have two overalls, I feel good about my chances as we head to the east coast.”

On the big bikes, Jason Anderson went 5-1 in the two Motos, taking his first Moto win and overall podiums in the process. “I feel like I’m on point and should be battling for podiums every Moto and even win like I did today,” noted Anderson.

Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 9.53.29 AM

A poor start in Moto 1 stalled his chances for a podium, yet he raced back to 5th place. “That first Moto was similar to what I always do,” said Anderson. “I keep putting myself in bad situations. I feel like I’m getting better for the most part, though. The second Moto started better, I think I was in 7th and was able to work my way past those guys.” Anderson alluded to the fact that better starts translate to better finishes for him, a carryover from the Supercross season where he had five straight podiums to finish the season.

With last year’s MX champion Ken Roczen out for the season, and Hangtown winner Eli Tomoc finishing 9th overall in Glen Helen, it’s anyone’s title this year. Despite missing and entire Moto last weekend, Anderson currently sits in 5th place on the points list. “I think no matter what we’re all chasing the win and I think that everyone is starting to be more hungry,” said Anderson. “Even the dudes in the back of the pack are riding better. Those guys aren’t sleepers. We know they’re good. We’re all hungry.”

Other Rockstar-Husqvarna-Dragon riders had uneven days. Martin Davalos, who is racing for the second time on 450s, finished 13th overall (16-9), and he sits 14th in points. Rookie Michael Mosiman completed his second pro race in the 250 class, finishing 8th overall (8-10), an improvement over Hangtown. He’s 10th on the points list, 50 points back from Osborne.

Next up, the high altitude racing of Thunder Valley, just outside of Denver, CO. For more on the athletes, check out their Instagram feeds: Jason Anderson // Zach Osborne // Martin Davalos // Michael Mosiman.